Workplace Synergy

In the final phase of workplace change, a new values based workplace culture is solidified and actualized with workplace training that supports individuals, teams, and the organization, promotes win-win workplace practices, enviromental sustainability, and focus on a health, safety and security.  These efforts enhance employee engagement and confidence in both the workplace culture and the organization.

Workplace Synergy

. . . The New Competitive Advantage

A synergistic workplace elevates your strategy beyond just knowledge, skills, and performance to create a holistic workplace culture that is better aligned with company values and with customers than ever before, with a focus on priorities such as:

  • Health, wellness, safety, security, and ergonomics
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Win-Win attitudes to problem solving
  • Enhanced employee engagement and loyalty


Workplace Synergy Learning Modules

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Practicing Sustainable Behaviors

Maximize ROI and sustainability objectives in your LEEDS-certified building by teaching occupants:

  • Sustainable goals, strategies, and commitments
  • Responsibilities in a sustainable environment
  • How actions influence outcomes by 30% or more
  • Stewardship and contributing positively to the environment

Learning Advanced Negotiation Skills

Enhance team communication and collaboration with advanced negotiation skills that:

  • Build rapport and trust among team members
  • Helps resolve conflict by finding the win-win
  • Promote effective interaction and communication
  • Use negotiation tactics to achieve optimal team results

Practicing Healthy Workplace Ergonomics

Encourage the adoption of healthy ergonomic practices in the workplace by:

  • Learning and applying ergonomic skills in daily work
  • Managing ergonomic discipline across various settings
  • Adjusting furniture and using accessories correctly
  • Incorporating micro-break exercises to enhance health

Working in a Healthy , Safe, Secure Workplace

Your investment in wellness, safety, security programs is maximized when all employees learn common:

  • Healthy work habits and how to maintain them
  • Safety essentials, emergency procedures and actions
  • Security protocols, control systems and access