Working in a Healthy, Safe, Secure Workplace-Course Summary

Experts will tell you that a healthy, safe, secure workplace is not just a goal, it’s a necessity. That is why so many high risk jobs will require something like a working at heights permit in order to let you perform the role. Making sure that each team member is regularly reminded of health, safety and security processes, procedures and best practices is essential for reducing incidents and ensuring a better place to work.

With the “Working in a Healthy, Safe, Secure Workplace” e-Learning module, each member of the enterprise learns what it takes to practice, access and use amenities and services that promote wellness, safety and security in your workplace. Whether you have 200 or 20,000 in the enterprise, this module can be instantly pushed out to introduce updated Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) procedures, to provide an annual overview of EHS procedures, protocols and amenities in your new workplace, and for new team member onboarding.

Push essential wellness, safety and security training to mobile devices

The three learning segments provide best practice model content that can be easily customized with your program goals, policies, processes, and essential element details. The learning segments include:

1. Working healthy in your workplace:
To create and promote a healthy work environment each individual must learn and practice healthy work habits. This segment offers tips, ideas and resources essential for working in a healthy workplace, including:

  • Maintaining proper health
  • Recharging your batteries
  • Working smarter
  • Practicing workplace ergonomics
  • Participating in the wellness programs
  • Getting help when you need it

2. Working Safely in Your Workplace:
Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and it should be recognized as a core value in every organization. This section offers useful information essential to working safely in the workplace including:

  • The building hours of operation
  • Building evacuation and protective areas
  • The traffic safety management program
  • Fire and life safety practices
  • Emergency and first aid procedures
  • Automated external defibrillator location and use

3. Working Securely in Your Workplace:
Few workplace elements are more important than security. Each employee plays a role in ensuring that security features and services are followed and respected. This section presents essential information including:

  • Knowing your access control system
  • Temporary locker access
  • Package, parcel and bag security
  • After-hours security procedures
  • Visitor check-in and guidelines
  • Security reminders

In this module, each individual learns what it takes to access, practice and maximize the health, safety and security features available in their workplace. As an e-Learning module, targeted teams or the entire enterprise can be trained simultaneously so that new habits and practices can be adopted without delay.

Customizing Your Course: This e-Learning module is easily customized with your content, messaging and images using our exclusive Rapid e-Learning Development Engine. We start you off with our fully detailed best practices content on MS Word documents. You simply edit these documents with your content and images and return them to your production team. We then map your changes into our automated e-Learning system, and you’ll typically see your changes in the online module within 24 hours.


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