Work Place Orientation

Before the move, imagine teams learning all about their new work place, getting excited about being a part of the change, planning how they’ll begin replacing old routines with new ones. After the move, individuals that simultaneously apply their new skills assimilating into their new team environment with minimal downtime. Each team member can now receive orientation and wayfinding, learn how to best collaborate with team members in the new work environment, how to select and maximize their new workspaces,  master their new technology tools, and to take advantage of new work place amenities. All of this can be delivered in bite-sized modules pushed out to mobile devices.

Imagine everyone learning about the new work place

   . . . before actually getting there

After accepting the change and acquiring new work place skills, individuals are now ready for the move with their team to the new work environment . . . almost. Before packing the first box, what if you could provide each individual:

  • Visuals on the new work place and how it works
  • Details on reserving and using workspaces
  • Where to get a snack or park their bike
  • How to jump on the technology
  • Where to put their things

Work Place Orientation Learning Modules

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Exploring Your Workspace Types and Functionality

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Teams are prepared through a virtual tour, ensuring
a quick transition to the new workplace through:

  • Workspace images, purpose, features, how each is equipped
  • Tips on selecting/reserving the ideal space
  • Guidance on using furniture, technology and amenities
  • Expectations for a safe, secure and healthy experience

Making the Most of Your Technology

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New technology is simultaneously introduced to targeted
employees with instructions and information for using:

  • Computing, voice, and mobile solutions
  • Meeting & productivity tools, IM, social & team apps
  • Information security best practices
  • The help desk, guides & tip sheets, and support network

Appreciating the Building Design and Features

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Just prior the move and after they arrive, employees are
provided access to essential features information such as:

  • Building and sustainability design features
  • Visual/acoustic privacy, lighting and comfort features
  • Child care, fitness, food/snacks and credit union/ATM
  • Driving access, parking location and options

Making the Move to Your New Work Place

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Moving can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be. Just prior
the move, employees are provided essential details such as:

  • What to keep, what to take, and options for the rest
  • Packing, transitioning services, unpacking and settling in
  • Access to available move resources and immediate help

Quick-Learn Orientation: All About Your New Facility

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Just prior to the move, all employees simultaneously receive essential familiarization details including:

  • Facility images, address and security access detail
  • Commuting options, transit information, parking features
  • An image-interactive workspace/amenities floorplan
  • Post-move access for detail refresh and way-finding

Working Smart in Your Work Place

Sometimes a simplified, distilled message is the best way
to prepare for the new work experience by knowing:

  • What’s driving the need for workplace change?
  • What are the program objectives and strategies?
  • What are the new workspaces and how do I use them?
  • What new equipment will I use how will I use it?

Capitalizing on Your Open Work Environment

Transitioning to an open plan workplace requires
orientation and new protocols. This course provides:

  • Expectations and benefits of an open plan workplace
  • Workspace images, purpose, features, how each is equipped
  • Tips on selecting/reserving the ideal space
  • Guidance on using furniture, technology and amenities
  • Expectations for a safe, secure, healthy experience