Rapid e-Learning Development

Best in Class


e-work.com’s Rapid e-Learning Course Development platform is a proprietary software tool that allows us to develop highly interactive and effective e-Learning courses at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. Whether you wish to convert existing classroom training to e-Learning, replace your current training with something more interactive and effective, or to simply make your training easier to maintain and manage, our Rapid e-Learning Development platform will work work wonders for your training program.

Creating Effective e-Learning Has Never

Been So Easy, or So Fast!

The Rapid e-Learning Course Development platform is revolutionary and brings totally new concepts to the design of e-Learning courses, including:

  •  An MS Word based content management system
  •  Constructing and building courses at run-time
  •  Complete separation of content, graphics and system coding 

These innovations allow us to:  Update the branding, look and feel of an entire course, or course library, by replacing a single file;  Publish the content created in MS Word templates as an on-line course in minutes; Create an entire course structure, including a dynamic table of contents and links ALL from that same MS Word document.

Features and Benefits

Proven System Used by Over One Million Users

Customers Tell Us Our Rapid Development

Platform Is Simply Like No Other!

  • e-Learning deployed to over one million users
  • Used by global organizations around the world
  • Cost effective for medium and small organizations
  • Average satisfaction ratings of 95%+
  • Setting the standard for rich multi-media e-Learning
  • Simple to create, update and maintain

A Comprehensive Development Platform

That Includes:


  • Industry leading engagement processes and tools
  • Best in class content management system
  • Multiple deployment options, on our system or yours
  • Publish to iOS and android tablets in minutes
  • Robust support, maintenance and updating
  • Advanced license reporting and administration
  • Simplified client administration role

Quickly Customizable

Customize your training with our advanced content management system. Use a single CSS file to set up and change backgrounds, branding, and color schemes across an entire course library!

Steps to Success

Use our Rapid e-Learning Development platform . . . and discover four simple secrets to e-Learning success!

Content Management

Quickly develop and publish relevant and engaging on-line content using our MS Word based templates.

  •  Publish content from MS Word Templates
  • Self-designing content layout and graphics
  • Easily add photos, videos and other content
  • Build course structure and dynamic Table of Contents
  • Easily translate using 100% XML based content


Elevate your e-Learning to a new level with interactive and engaging courses.

  • Live mentors filmed in HD, green screen with client background
  • Click-able content areas for exploring content
  • Single and multiple answer quizzes, drag and drop activities,matching, and other testing activities
  • Animation and interactive scenarios and exercises
  • Dynamic table of contents and simple way-finding

Deployment and Administration

Multiple deployment options are available, making it easy to deploy training the way you want.

  • Deploy training to your LMS or e-work.com’s
  • Publish to iOS and android tablets in minutes
  • Track progress, completion status, and history
  • Generate reports and export to Excel
  • Manage course access and deploy invitations
  • Manage users and permissions

Support and Maintenance

A simple and easy way to update, support, and maintain fresh and relevant course content.

  • Update branding, look and feel by replacing a single file
  • Update software independent of content and graphics
  • Quickly update and publish content revisions
  • Support for 508 accessibility option
  • Support for global video streaming
  • Easily configure options for how courses operate