Workplace Training

e-Learning for the Evolving Workplace

As technology drives changes in the workplace, employers like you have implemented flexible workplace models. While your employees may enjoy working in distributed teams, were you fully prepared for this shift? The critical takeaway is this: Transforming your workplace also means transforming your workforce.

What are Your Workplace Challenges?

  • Have you implemented a telework, remote, or virtual work program?
  • Have you increased employee mobility?
  • Have you introduced an agile, activity-based, or shared-work environments?
  • Have you adopted a workplace flexibility program?
  • Have you transitioned from private offices to an open-plan layout?
  • Have you relocated or merged with another company?

Three Critical Steps to Transforming your Workplace:

Which steps are missing from your plan?

1. Work Practice Change – Preparing Individuals: Each team member accepts, embraces, and adopts the workplace vision, learning new skills, practices, and behaviors to excel in the workplace.

2. Workplace Orientation – Preparing Your Teams: Teams receive workplace orientation designed to level-set expectations, minimize downtime and maximize performance. Team members quickly adopt new work processes and practices in the workspace.

3. Workplace Synergy – Optimizing the Workplace: A values-based workplace culture is solidified with workplace training that supports individuals, teams, and the organization, including win-win workplace practices, environmental sustainability, and focus on a health, safety, and security.

Evolving Workplace Solutions

Work Practice Change

Each individual quickly becomes an active part of the new workplace.

Workplace Orientation

Team members thrive in their new work environment.

Workplace Synergy

The enterprise has fully adopted a new workplace culture.

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