Exploring Workspace Types and Functionality-Course Outline

Today’s technology and changing workplace offers a whole new way to work, one that challenges us to rethink centuries-old ideas about what work is, where it’s done, and how it’s measured. Technology and other forces will shape how we work in the future, but to realize its full potential, many organizations have fundamentally changed the way they think about work today.

The e-work.com “Exploring Workspace Types and Guidelines” module is designed to do exactly that: to prepare teams and their members for the transition into a shared work environment.

In order to fully transition teams to their new workplace, each individual is guided through the five-step Rapid Workspace Orientation Process:

1. Learning the workspace types and their functionalities:
The new workplace features a variety of different workspaces, each having a unique purpose, designed to support specific tasks. Before the team arrives on the launch day, the team be prepared to get right to work by learning:

  • The types of workspaces available
  • Each workspace purpose, capacity and features
  • Whether a reservation is needed
  • A description of furniture and equipment in the space
  • The technology available in the space
  • Etiquette expectations for using and leaving the space

2. Learning how to select and reserve a space:
In this section, learners are provided use case applications for each workspace, and guidance on how to access and reserve the space if needed. This section provides:

  • Instructions and tips for selecting the ideal workspace
  • Clarification on which spaces require a reservation
  • Rules and guidelines for making reservations

3. Learning and practicing workspace protocols:
To ensure a consistent, positive, productive experience for all users, team members learn workspace protocols for the new workplace, including:

  • Selecting the proper space and respecting others’ needs
  • Using discretion while protecting privacy and confidentiality
  • Moderating telephone voice levels and speaker phone use
  • Personalizing a workspace for the day
  • Leaving a space as it was found

4. Knowing and accessing services and support:
To ensure a quick transition, teams learn how to access and use the services and support available such as:

  • Concierge services (if available)
  • Accessing printers, copiers, fax and scanners
  • Shipping and receiving mail and packages
  • Accessing technical support

5. Learning how to best use furniture and equipment:
Proper use of furniture and equipment maximizes workplace efficiency, can reduce the potential for repetitive injuries and can minimize transition delay. Individuals learn:

  • Tips for ideal health, productivity, and comfort
  • How to adjust the equipment for proper use
  • Correct placement of their computer and mouse

Removing the trauma from the move

No matter how you look at it, moving to a new work environment AND taking personal desks away from employees can be a challenge for some – and traumatic for others. The Exploring Workspace Types and Guidelines module provides teams and their members with the necessary context, detail, process, and guidelines for the transition into a shared work environment. Once teams realize the value and benefits of this new, highly productive work environment, you’ll likely find they’ll become so accustomed to the “new normal” that teams will wish they had gotten there earlier.

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