Appreciating the Design and Features of Your New Building

Congratulations on the approaching launch of your new/renovated building. As a member of the project team, you know the countless decisions that were made to make the workplace experience accommodating, comfortable, safe, secure, efficient, productive and sustainable.

You’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression

As the move date gets closer, your attention is shifting toward making sure the personal experience of everyone involved in the move is the best it can be. You have no doubt provided ‘sneak preview’ renderings, perhaps even details of some exciting amenities, but you know you’ve got but one chance to make a good first impression. The question is, how will provide occupants with essential information on the building design, features, amenities and commuting options before they move?

The “Appreciating the Design and Features of Your New Building” is a Quick-Learn Orientation Module designed to enlighten users with an appreciation of those decisions and how each can take advantage of them. The module is organized into four sections, including:

1. The building design and sustainability features:
An overview of the design philosophy, approach and investment in sustainability, including:

  • The organization’s sustainability commitment and strategy
  • Sustainability design strategies and features
  • Energy-saving goals and solutions
  • An overview of sustainable operations and systems

2. Employee-focused health and comfort features:
How the building features provide a positive, unique workplace experience, including details on:

  • The sustainability design approach and criteria
  • Building features descriptions and benefits
  • Employee-focused amenities
  • Visual and acoustic privacy features
  • Sustainable lighting and comfort systems

3. Employee-focused amenities in the new building:
Details on the wide range of amenities designed to meet both enterprise and personal needs, including:

  • Cafeteria, coffee and snack bar
  • Fitness center
  • Child care center
  • Library and data services
  • Credit union and ATM

4. Details on commuting accommodations:
Commuting options, parking options, and commute alternatives, including:

  • Parking availability and access
  • LEFE and pooling vehicle parking
  • Shuttle options
  • Public transportation access

Providing detailed familiarization just-in-time for a smooth transition

This Quick-Learn Orientation Module provides every occupant an appreciation for the thought and investment that was made to ensure their workplace experience is accommodating, comfortable, safe, secure, efficient, and productive. Whether you are moving 200 or 20,000, this module can be distributed to the computer or mobile device of every team member involved in the move. It ensures a quick familiarization and smooth transition to the new work environment, plus knowledge and tips for each individual to take full advantage of its many features and amenities.

Customizing Your Course: This e-Learning module is easily customized with your content, messaging and images using our exclusive Rapid e-Learning Development Engine. We start you off with our fully detailed best practices content on MS Word documents. You simply edit these documents with your content and images and return them to your production team. We then map your changes into our automated e-Learning system, and you’ll typically see your changes in the online module within 24 hours.


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