Work Force Synergy

In the final phase of workplace change, the culture of change is solidified and actualized through Work Force Synergy. Even among the largest, most distributed organizations in the world, technology enables each individual in the enterprise to become connected with all others in the organization. Individuals, teams, departments and divisions begin to operate under a common mission, engage in continuous learning, and reduce the enterprise risks making the organization run smoothly and effectively.

Work Force Synergy

   . . .The New Competitive Advantage

The Work Force Synergy Series ensures that team members learn and practice the same skills, teams use common collaboration tools in the same way, allowing the enterprise to become better aligned internally and with customers than ever before, through initiatives such as:

  • Values-driven culture (innovation, empathy, loyalty, ethics, positive attitudes, resilience)
  • Employee engagement and loyalty
  • Initiatives on health, wellness, safety, security, ergonomics and sustainability
  • People-focused management and leadership
  • Synergy among generations and cultures

Work Force Synergy Learning Modules

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Practicing Sustainable Behaviors

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Your LEEDS building investment ROI and sustainability objectives
can only be attained when occupants learn:

  • Sustainable goals, strategy, features and commitment
  • The responsibilities of working in a sustainable building
  • How their behavior can influence results by 30% or more
  • Actions that can affect energy, water and waste management
  • The role of stewardship and contributing to the solution

Learning Advanced Negotiation Skills

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Negotiation skills take teams to a new communication competency. Team potential is enhanced by:

  • Introducing good negotiation skills in all human interactions
  • Resolving conflict by finding the win-win
  • Achieving rapport, effective communication and trust
  • Using negotiation to make highly achievable team results

Working in a Healthy , Safe, Secure Workplace

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Your investment in wellness, safety, security programs is maximized when all employees learn common:

  • Healthy work habits and how to maintain them
  • Safety essentials, emergency procedures and actions
  • Security protocols, control systems and access

Practicing Healthy Workplace Ergonomics

The benefits of proper enterprise ergonomics is undisputed. Employees will adopt healthy ergonomic habits by:

  • Learning and practicing ergonomic skills in daily work
  • Managing their ergonomic discipline in all workplaces
  • Learning to properly adjust furniture, tools and accessories
  • Using micro-break exercises to improve health and comfort