Customized Solutions for You products are designed to enable extensive customization and configuration with a quick turnaround at minimal cost. Content, work-flows, logos, colors, style, images, button labels and other features can all be modified to match your brand specifications, process requirements, learning-goals, and time-frame, along with global delivery options, translation, and accessibility, This flexibility ensures that users receive the most effective, meaningful, and relevant experience.

Customization for a Low Fixed Price . . .

. . . That ‘s Not Something You Hear Very Often!

Because we know the importance of customizing, configuring and delivering a product, we quote and deliver the vast majority of our customization and delivery services at low fixed prices. Whether you change 10% of the content in a course or 75%, we quote the same low price. Whether you change 25% of the the questions in an assessment, or every single question we charge the same low fixed price. We can do this because our products are designed to support quick and easy customization. We believe, and our customers tell us, that our ability to highly customize our solutions, at a low fixed price, is a huge advantage over our competitors.

e-Learning – Customization and Delivery e-Learning innovation does not stop there. Our unique proprietary platform allows us greater flexibility in almost every aspect of course design, creation, support, and and deployment. This means we can deliver courses quicker, with more value, more effective e-Learning, and simply better results than our competitors.


The following items can be routinely customized, added, deleted, or modified in our e-Learning courses to suit your needs:

  • Learning documents (which contain the course content)
  • Logo, branding, color schemes to match your style guide
  • Background photographs and graphics
  • Quizzes and drag and drop exercises
  • Interactive learning activities and scenarios
  • Lesson addition, deletion, and topic sequencing
  • Profile based student learning paths
  • Welcome messages from your executives
  • Links to your resources and information
  • Survey questions

Customization Process

Customizing our e-Learning courses is simplified with a five-step process (including two rounds of course edits) that includes clear instructions, templates, guidelines and a detailed final review. After a brief orientation, you and your team simply make the changes on Word documents, and we do the rest. Customization turnaround can range from one to five days, or longer if new media is requested.


Many operations of our e-Learning courses, such as navigation options, quiz functionality, grading, accessibility, and many others can be easily controlled via flag settings for each course.

Our LMS or Yours

Courses can be delivered on our Learning Management System (LMS) or on your LMS. When delivered on your LMS we include advanced license tracking and reporting to simplify management of licenses.

Global Video Delivery

Course video can be streamed to users via local servers located almost anywhere around the world. This functionality is very cost effective and can be supported whether the courses are hosted on your LMS or by This eliminates latency and video streaming issues no matter where you deploy your courses.


Courses are easy to translate because 100% of the on-screen content resides in XML files. We simply provide these files to our translation services partner for quick and easy translation of course content.

Accessibility can be delivered as 508 compliant courses. This means users with vision and hearing impairments
can take the courses without any issues.

e-Learning Platform Features and Benefits

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