MyErgo Pro

Assessment and Workflow Tool

At, we focus on helping you manage workplace ergonomic risk, reduce cost, and improve the health of your employees.

Reduce risk, minimize cost . . .

   and create a healthier workplace

MyErgo Pro avoids the one-size fits all nightmare by allowing you to assess all employees (or any subset you prefer) and deliver the right solution to the right person. This can help avoid wasting precious resources, while also addressing issues before they become injuries.  This holistic approach allows you to evaluate and manage risk across the organization in an appropriate and responsible way.

Features and Benefits

The MyErgo Pro system is flexible, easily customizable, and scalable across the entire organization. A Reporting Work-Flow can quickly be adopted and used by your internal ergo consultants, third party consultants, or consultants we recommend in order to create, review, and deliver detailed reports to identified individuals. The system also allows you to create and deploy unique assessments for different organizations, job types, or other factors.

MyErgo Pro . . . A Comprehensive System that Includes:

Employee Assessment and Portal

  • An engaging and easy to use assessment
  • Interactive body diagram for discomfort analysis
  • Ability to upload workstation photos for review
  • Workspace needs and preference analysis
  • Recommendations via an employee portal
  • Personalized training based on assessment results
  • Integrated communications, tracking and reminders

Consultant and Admin Processes

  • Consultant report and work-flow process
  • Workspace design tool for creating layouts
  • Customizable questions and risk scoring
  • Tracking of equipment recommendations and cost
  • Robust reporting and QuickView Dashboard
  • System management of roles and permissions
  • System Administrative Management Portal

MyErgo Pro. . . An Effective System That Improves Outcomes:

  • Identify problems before they become major issues
  • Deal with major issues before they become serious injuries
  • Provide the right solution for each person to avoid resourse waste
  • Provide training on best practices to prevent problems
  • Inspire knowledge-based, healthy approach to ergonomics
  • Eliminate errors and inefficiency of paper-based processes
  • Improve decision making with better information analysis