Remote Work / Telework Certification Course Series

Manage Your Remote Workforce!

Maintain Effective Operations!

Enhance Work Life Balance!

Increase Productivity!   

Improve Community, Culture, Communication and Collaboration

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Leverage Unique Skills Needed for a Remote Workforce!

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to manage a high-performing, productive distributed team
  • Which old habits you must leave behind, and new habits that will quickly become routine
  • Knowledge, skills and tools to make behavior changes with confidence and purpose
  • Essential distributed work communication and collaboration skills
  • How to remain accountable and engaged no matter where you work
  • Secrets to staying connected and in touch while working away
  • How to remain healthy, safe, secure and productive working at home
  • Advanced negotiation skills you will have for life
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Prepare Your Workforce to Succeed with the Following Courses:

Managing a Distributed Team

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Good managers become highly effective teachers, coaches, and leaders of remote teams by:

  • Accepting and adopting a mobile workplace vision
  • Driving workplace mobility plans and enthusiasm
  • Leading high-performance mobile work team results
  • Bringing team communication & collaboration to a new level

Working in a Distributed Team

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Learn to become a highly effective, accountable, productive teleworking team member by:

  • Mastering mobile workplace skills and technology
  • Relating, contributing and thriving in the mobile workplace
  • Up-skilling your communication and collaboration
  • Becoming an accountable, reliable team contributor

Mobility Best Practices

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Acquire the skills, tools and tips you need
to successfully work anywhere any time by:

  • Staying connected, organized, efficient and effective
  • Managing connectivity and information flow
  • Adopting information security best practices
  • Preventing stress and overwork


Working in a Home Office

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Maximize your work-at-home time essential knowledge, tips, tools and guidelines such as:

  • Considerations for determining home office needs
  • The ideal office layout, equipment and work items
  • Maximizing technology & IT security best practices
  • Maintaining a healthy, safe, and secure home office


Negotiation at a Distance

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Negotiation skills improve your communication competency, increasing your potential by:

  • Enhancing all your interactions and relationships
  • Resolving conflict by finding the win-win
  • Achieving rapport, improved communication and trust
  • Using negotiation to help enhance team results


You Can Download Essential Tables, Checklists, and Action Plans.

“The new model is everyone has to be a lifelong learner, because tech is placing

pressure on everyone in ways that were unpredictable.”

Andrew Hanson, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce