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Maintain Effective Operations!

Enhance Work Life Balance!

Increase Productivity!   

Improve Community, Culture, Communication and Collaboration

“We are temporarily reducing our prices on our remote work courses so they

can be used by as many people as possible during the COVID-19 Crisis.”

Neil Norris, CEO, Inc.

Take skills to a new level with proven, interactive online courses!

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Leverage Unique Skills Needed for a Remote Workforce!

Your Workforce Will Learn Practical and Valuable Skills They Can Use Right Away.

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to manage a high-performing, productive distributed team
  • Which old habits you must leave behind, and new habits that will quickly become routine
  • Knowledge, skills and tools to make behavior changes with confidence and purpose
  • Essential distributed work communication and collaboration skills
  • How to remain accountable and engaged no matter where you work
  • Secrets to staying connected and in touch while working away
  • How to remain healthy, safe, secure and productive working at home
  • Advanced negotiation skills you will have for life
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You Can Download Essential Tables, Checklists, and Action Plans.

Prepare Your Workforce to Succeed with the Following Courses:

Managing a Distributed Team

Course Details and Price

Good managers become highly effective teachers, coaches, and leaders of remote teams by:

  • Accepting and adopting a mobile workplace vision
  • Driving workplace mobility plans and enthusiasm
  • Leading high-performance mobile work team results
  • Bringing team communication & collaboration to a new level

Working in a Distributed Team

Course Details and Price

Learn to become a highly effective, accountable, productive teleworking team member by:

  • Mastering mobile workplace skills and technology
  • Relating, contributing and thriving in the mobile workplace
  • Up-skilling your communication and collaboration
  • Becoming an accountable, reliable team contributor

Mobility Best Practices

Course Details and Price

Acquire the skills, tools and tips you need
to successfully work anywhere any time by:

  • Staying connected, organized, efficient and effective
  • Managing connectivity and information flow
  • Adopting information security best practices
  • Preventing stress and overwork


Working in a Home Office

Course Details and Price

Maximize your work-at-home time essential knowledge, tips, tools and guidelines such as:

  • Considerations for determining home office needs
  • The ideal office layout, equipment and work items
  • Maximizing technology & IT security best practices
  • Maintaining a healthy, safe, and secure home office


Negotiation at a Distance

Course Detail and Price

Negotiation skills improve your communication competency, increasing your potential by:

  • Enhancing all your interactions and relationships
  • Resolving conflict by finding the win-win
  • Achieving rapport, improved communication and trust
  • Using negotiation to help enhance team results


“The new model is everyone has to be a lifelong learner, because tech is placing

pressure on everyone in ways that were unpredictable.”

Andrew Hanson, Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce