Negotiation Skills in the Workplace-Course Outline

As the digital work force becomes more synergized, it’s perfectly natural for management to search for ways to take teams to the next level. And, as mobile workers experience less face-to-face interaction, astute leaders are giving their workforce an edge by updating teams with negotiation skills.

Why? Talented negotiators exhibit superior interpersonal skills such as powers of persuasion and problem solving, resulting in reduced conflicts, improved team collaboration, and relationship building.

When applied widely throughout the organization, negotiation skills can improve enterprise efficiency, enhance performance, drive engagement, and even increase profitability. Applying negotiation skills through skills training, practice and reinforcement can be one of those invaluable, essential work force synergy tools that give an enterprise a competitive edge.

Team members learn what it takes to become a good negotiator

There are tried and true steps to successful negotiation. They can be learned fairly quickly and, with practice, can become second nature. With the Negotiations in the Workplace module, team members learn contemporary strategies for becoming good negotiators by:

  • Understanding the fundamentals: Good negotiators begin by learning what negotiation is and what it isn’t. They learn that negotiation is not win-lose or compromise. Proper negotiation results in creating value, a win-win result. Individual learn to assess their own negotiation skills so that they can identify areas where they can stand some improvement.
  • Practicing the art of achieving the win-win: Negotiation ultimately resolves an issue by uncovering the root cause of a problem or disagreement, then producing in a resolution where all involved achieve a win, and if needed, resolving a deadlock. A good negotiator knows it pays off to think things through in a little more depth, by looking at the big picture, developing details and even being optimistic.
  • Taking negotiation skills to the next level: As issues, problems, conflicts and disagreements become more complex, skilled negotiators must reach deeper for resources that give them that extra edge. Negotiating under extreme circumstances can require higher level skills such as achieving strong rapport under disagreeable circumstances, sharpening listening and communication skills and attaining or repairing personal trust.

Negotiations Course Learning Objectives

The negotiation skills training course is designed to take teams to a new level of communication competency. Team potential is enhanced by:

  • Introducing good negotiation skills in all human interactions
  • Enabling anyone to resolve any conflict by finding the win-win
  • Improving rapport, effective communication and trust among employees
  • Using negotiation to achieve highly improved team results

Improved communication is essential for enterprise synergy: Strong leaders who wish to take their organization to the next level recognize that advanced communication skills like negotiations can synergize the enterprise. Anyone can become a leader. Even if you’re currently looking to improve your communication skills through sites like, with time, you’ll be able to communicate confidently and fluently. As communication improves, individuals in the enterprise begin to share a connection with all others, experiencing a cultural shift as a strong competitor in a rapidly changing world.

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