Managing Distributed Teams-Course Outline

Among all the investments you will make in workplace change, properly preparing managers for the experience is arguably the most important investment you will make to ensure ultimate program success.

Why? Because managers are directly responsible for setting the tone and atmosphere for change among their team. If managers understand the mission, can articulate the goals and can be enthusiastic about the positive potential that distributed work has to offer, they’ll be well on their way to success. If managers are not on board the distributed work train, it will stall out half way down the track.

Mobility offers a great opportunity for all managers to excel

Having the opportunity managing a distributed team can be a pivot point for a manager’s career. The course entitled “Managing Distributed Teams” is designed to do just that: to successfully transition managers from managing in a traditional work environment to managing in a distributed workplace using contemporary management skills, tools, and best practices.

–As a manager, if you’re not sure whether team members are working when they’re mobile, then you may not be ready for the digital workplace–

For managers to take on the challenge and be successful, there are clear stages through which each must advance to effectively drive distributed work change. The Managing Distributed Teams course provides each manager with the knowledge, tools and guidelines for:

  • Getting on board: Manager buy-in is critical. Managers learn, accept and support the program strategy and objectives, then begin visualizing how their team will operate in a distributed work environment.
  • Embracing distributed work: Managers are shown how to accept their role in the program success. Each must take responsibility for overcoming the challenges their team will face, coaching each individual to set personal improvement goals, and is provided the tools to create a plan to lead the team through the transition.
  • Creating a distributed community: Managers are shown how to create an atmosphere of strong team connections, promoting a culture of learning, building a framework of team trust, and directing change toward improving team quality of life.
  • Building a high-performance distributed team: The course provides managers guidance for streamlining their work effort and positioning their team for top performance by realigning expectations with work activities. Through the use of new tools and updated processes, managers are provided guidance for driving new levels of team accountability and engagement, increasing individual and team performance.
  • Enabling highly effective communication: Creating a distributed work environment offers managers an excellent opportunity to upgrade team communication skills. Using the tables, strategy guidelines, communication planning chart along with action steps from this course, managers can standardize on team communication tools, protocols and consistency to maximize team collaboration.

Managers are the key to your program success

Properly preparing managers for the distributed work experience is arguably the most important investment you will make for ensuring ultimate program success. In addition to sharpening their management fundamentals, managers will understand and support the mission, will be able to articulate the program goals, and will be enthusiastic for the positive potential that distributed work has to offer their team and the organization.

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