We’ve all seen videos of a flock of birds or a school of fish moving in unison as if they were of a single mind. It makes you wonder how they do that, right? Imagine how valuable it would be if your large distributed workforce acted with that kind of synergized action in their daily health, safety and security practices. That’s called Work Force Synergy.

When an enterprise is synchronized, team members learn and practice the same skills simultaneously to maximize its potential. Can you imagine the value of your investment in wellness, safety, security programs if all team members, no matter where they work, would learn and practice common:

• Healthy work habits that enhance performance and reduce risk of injuries?
• Safety routines, emergency procedures and action plans?
• Security protocols, control system use and access procedures?

Imagine the benefits of pushing an effective, meaningful, relevant e-Learning module providing health, safety and security insights, procedures and resources to every team member simultaneously just prior to the move. Then, imagine releasing an annual refresher of these procedures to everyone along with results of the previous year’s progress. And, imagine this same module being re-purposed for new team member onboarding.

Imagine having team health, safety and security synergized across the entire enterprise.

Whether there are 200 or 20,000 in the enterprise, whether you’re located on a large campus or supporting facilities across the globe, a solid case can be made for developing learning elements that ensure consistent health, safety and security practices enterprise-wide. We’d love to show you how we’ve done this for clients like you.


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