These days, most knowledge workers already perform plenty of their work away from the office. Even in situations where telework and workplace mobility are not officially sanctioned, it’s pretty routine for most knowledge workers to check email, to host virtual meetings or to finish a presentation from home.

A study shows that “51% of people who work from home said they suffer from work-related injuries, including aches and pains, neck and back problems and sustained injuries.”
Bupa UK.

But how prepared are these individuals for working effectively away from the office? Even if your program has been launched and supported distributed work policies and technology, how well are team members actually prepared for the remote work experience? Are they keeping proprietary data safe and preventing hack attacks?

Preparing team members for remote work can make a huge difference

Working in a distributed team requires unique skills and routines to remain connected, to effectively communicate and collaborate with others, and to maintain a reputation as a contributing member of the team. Essential to their success is earning the trust and reputation as a consistent team contributor no matter where they work.

–You can either prepare the workforce by replacing unwanted workplace behaviors, or you can allow remote work to amplify them.–

If you are developing a distributed work program, you’ve only got one chance to do it right. To be fully successful, every participating distributed worker must be prepared by learning and accepting the program rules, improving their skills as a collaborating mobile member of the team, and knowing what it will take to become an active, contributing member of their distributed work community.


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