Are you involved with a move to a newly designed sustainable workplace soon?As a member of the new facility planning team, you know the countless decisions that were made to make the workplace experience engaging, comfortable, safe, secure, efficient, sustainable and productive. You also know that you’ve got just one chance to make a good first impression on occupants and plan a smooth transition.

Practicing the art of providing answers to questions before they are asked

Moving to a newly designed workplace can be daunting, confusing and perhaps even intimidating for work teams, especially when it involves a new way of working. There’s a real art to preparing teams for the move, especially with executive pressure to get back to work quickly.

When teams have familiarity with the building design and features prior to the move, they’ll be more prone to start using them and get back to work sooner, ensuring a positive move experience, getting settled-in to their “new normal” much more quickly.

To be sure that teams are prepared for the experience, you should answer some key questions prior to the move:

  • What’s the environmental payback on the sustainability building design and how will they make a difference?
  • How will I learn to use the new building features and how will they affect my work experience?
  • How can I take advantage of the new amenities in the new workplace right away?
  • Where will I park when I get there, and how do I sign up for commute options?

There is a way to communicate the answers to all these questions to all the right people at the right time. One approach is to distill essential information to a brief e-Learning module that can be pushed to laptops and mobile devices simultaneously just prior to the move. Distributing well-written, fully illustrated quick-learn orientation materials can reinforce the positive benefits of the new space, squelch any misconceptions, help avoid big surprises, and encourage teams to use features and amenities without delay.


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