Adopting Mobility Best Practices-Course Outline

Becoming a successful mobile worker requires more than simply using a laptop and a smart phone away from the office. Mobile work requires new ways of staying connected with team members, being better organized and efficient with new technology, maximizing information flow, practicing information security discipline, andhealthy work habits.

Prepare 200 or 20,000 team members to go mobile in days, not months

The entire mobile enterprise can now simultaneously acquire the skills, tools, and resource links needed to begin practicing highly effective mobile work days, not months. During this process, mobile workersacquire four essential mobile work best practices skillsets:

1. Staying connected, organized, efficient and effective: Mobility requires connecting with teammates by increasing digital connectivity as human connectivity decreases. Mobile workers learn to blend human interactions with technology-based interactions to maximize collaboration potential under constantly changing working environments.
2. Conquering electronic information flow: With mobile devices, hyper-collaboration, Wi-Fi ubiquity and cloud, we are finally approaching the elusive ‘paperless office.’ The mobile worker must take the final steps in the process by assessing, purging, converting, standardizing, and organizing data and documents, with routine backup access.
3. Practicing information security best practices: Mobile workers are faced with perhaps dozens of decision points daily that can affect security. While IT provides structure and guidelines for software, system access, network access and protecting information assets, a moment of indiscretion of leaving mobile device at a Wi-Fi café, airport counter or hotel room can be quite harmful.

“There are only a few ideas that I haven’t already considered, but it’s great to have them collected in one place.”
Student survey response, Adopting Mobility Best Practices

4. Preventing stress and overwork: With the temptation of an always on world comes the responsibility to keep a healthy boundary between work and personal lives, maintain healthy habits, working smarter-not harder, taking time to re-charge and reward, and seeking help when it is needed.

Mobile work requires new ways of staying connected with co-workers.Mobile workers must be better organized and efficient with new technology,manage information flow, practice information security discipline, and use the right tool at the right time.

No matter where mobile workers perform their duties on any given day, each must have the knowledge, tools and flexibility to balance work flow flexibility and connectivity with consistency, discretion, common sense, and best practices. 

With the Adopting Mobility Best Practices e-Learning module, all the advantages that technology-enabled change has to offer can nowbe accelerated,becoming the new normal much sooner than you ever thought possible.

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