Ergonomic Training

Today’s workplace requires employees to work in many settings, using a variety of tools, and workspaces. Understanding how to properly use and adjust the furniture, equipment and accessories, along with proper stretches and exercises and other ergonomic practices are critical to keeping employees healthy and productive. Using our Ergonomic training course will enable employees with the knowledge and tools they need to stay healthy and avoid ergonomic injuries. The course is presented in a unique and interactive e-Learning format that is both engaging and effective.

Provide ergonomic guidance

   . . . and promote health and wellness

ErgoTrac Pro avoids the one-size fits all nightmare by allowing you to assess all employees (or any subset) and deliver the right solution to the right person. This can help you avoid wasting precious resources, while also addressing issues before they become injuries.  This holistic approach allows you to evaluate and manage risk across the organization.

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Features and Benefits

The ergonomic training is flexible, can be easily customized, and is scalable across the entire organization. The course can be delivered as stand-alone training installed on your LMS or hosted by Our ergonomics course is also available as a native APP for iOS and Android tablets. The training can also be delivered as an integrated component of the ErgoTrac Pro System. When delivered as part of the ErgoTrac Pro System, the training topics are customized for each student based on their assessment results.

Ergonomic Training Includes:

  • Ergonomic Tips to use in the office and when mobile
  • How to adjust chair, monitor, and keyboard
  • Placement and use of mouse
  • Managing Accessories
  • Using a sit-to-stand desk
  • Stretch and exercise tip
    (upper body, lower body, and mid body)

Interactive and Effective

  • User driven content navigation
  • Coach, rather than instruct
  • Engage through multimedia content
  • Engage users with video, activities, and quizzes
  • Deliver your unique message
  • Add or link to additional content
  • Can be integrated with ErgoTrac Pro assessment

Feature Rich e-Learning That Improves Outcomes:

  • Provide training on best practices to prevent problems
  • Help users self-identify problems before they become major issues
  • Inspire a knowledge based and healthy approach to ergonomics
  • Interactive video, activities, and quizzes enhance learning
  • Course can be branded with your logo, colors, and design
  • Track progress for each user
  • Easily add, or link to additional content, including videos