Mapping & Measuring Collaborative Performance with Peter Smit

April 18, 2018

Listen to the recording of Peter Smit as he discusses how organizations are striving to improve collaboration in order to boost their productivity. In this webinar recording, many organizations undertake transformation initiatives, whether cultural, workplace or digital, with the goal of becoming more open, more sharing and more collaborative, all with little or no ability to measure the actual impact. Learn how groups, teams, spaces, and businesses can be measured and incorporate strategies developed to make your organizations more effective.

Transforming the Workplace for a Better Employee Experience - Case Study

February 21, 2018     Watch the webinar here

Revisit a 30 minute webinar with Dr. Anita Kamouri as she shares best practices for a successful workplace transformation effort that delivers business value through an improved employee experience. With a background in Organizational Psychology, Dr. Kamouri applies survey research and analytic methods to create next-generation workplace strategies, implement workplace change, and measure the human capital impacts of workplace solutions.

Enriching Diabetes Education with Technology

January 31, 2018     Watch the webinar here

Learn how you can enhance the support that you provide for those with diabetes or prediabetes. Review this webinar and learn how you can use technology to enrich diabetes education and improve health outcomes with your health and wellness program.

Improving Outcomes for Distributed Workers

December 15, 2017      Watch the webinar here

Distributed Work is happening everywhere. Join Dr. Laura Hambley for this webinar as she provides employees with a high-quality exploration of an assessment and development tool to assess their skills and improve work outcomes.